My Art

Here are some pics I'v done,so take a look around.

Digimon Pics:


"Takato and Lee"

"you go Takato!lol"

"card slash"

"Juri and Takato"

"Tai To Bicci'D'"



"Juri and Ruki"

"The cover of the new CD"

"Lee and Susi"

"Tai and Hikari lol"

"Dont be so mad Daisuki we love you lol"

"Curu and juri relaxing in The Sun"

"Say Cheez!"

"To Tailchan"

"Juri Vs Ruki lol"

"02 Hikari"


"Ruki & Kyuubimon"

"Juri being trapped"

"The New Tamers"

"Playing with Fire"

"The one the only Hirokazu!"

"Juri & Takato"

"Suzi & Lopmon"

"thinking of Leomon"

"little Ruki & Juri"

"Takato X Juri"

"Juri inside the D-Reper"


Digimon Pics
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